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We have always raised Cornish Cross. These birds have a conformation that is superior to the alternative meat breeds, like Red Rangers. When given the constant opportunity to forage fresh grass, in our experience, they will! 

Our chicken season begins at the end of March when our first chicks arrive at the farm. For the first weeks of their lives, they are in a heated brooder in our barn. We have a combination of heat pats and heat lamps to keep them warm. They take a few days to learn to go under the heat pads, after they realize how to use them we unplug the heat lamps. The pads are more energy efficient and much less of a fire hazard. Each batch of birds starts out with fresh bedding and every day get dry shavings added to the top. Then completely cleaned out and sanitized to welcome the next batch. Depending on the weather, they spend anywhere from two to three weeks inside and then go out to the chicken tractor.

The chicken tractors look like mini greenhouses with a white tarp on top instead of plastic. The white helps reflect the sun in the summer keeping the birds cool. In cooler weather we add plastic to the ends to cut down on the draft, otherwise they're open for a full breeze. After they're out to the chicken tractor, they're moved once or twice each day to ensure they always have fresh green grass and bugs to peck. We never pass over the same ground twice in a season. All of our birds are fed a non-GMO grain in supplement of pasture.

One of Sam's favorite things about raising chickens is watching the grass grow back after they've passed through. You can distinctly see each rectangular space the chicken tractor rested on. The grass is so much greener and more lush!

We process the birds ourselves. This means we're able to keep stress levels minimal throughout their lives and control the quality of our product ourselves. Feet, livers, hearts, and necks make great pet food! And frames make nutritious bone broth. Please contact us if interested in wholesale.

Chicken Price list

Whole . . . . . $6 / lb

Half . . . . . $7 / lb

Boneless Breast . . . . . $12 / lb

Tenders . . . . . $13 / lb

Thighs . . . . . $10 / lb

Drumsticks . . . . . $7 / lb

Wings . . . . . $8 / lb

Frames . . . . . $1.50 / lb

Hearts . . . . . $6 / lb

Livers . . . . . $6 / lb

Feet . . . . . $3 / lb

Necks . . . . . $3 / lb

Heads . . . . . $3 / lb

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