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Our vegetables are grown on about 1.5 acres. We try our best to choose varieties based on flavor rather than maximum yield. Typically these two do not go hand in hand. We want our customers to know they can always rely on us for having the tastiest, most nutrient-dense food.

Salad Greens

One of our main focuses is salad greens. We strive to get our customers the freshest greens. Which translates to long lasting in your fridge and most nutrients.


Unique veggies

We also like to play with new and unusual vegetables. Pictured here are watermelon and purple mini daikon radishes. They have as much spice as a typical red salad radish, but with a longer shelf life and huge, beautiful leaves. If the greens are taken off immediately, the roots will easily last over a month in the bottom crisper drawer of your fridge.


Storage crops

We grow very few storage crops. But two main ones you will find here are garlic and onions. We especially love garlic and it's many health benefits.

Fresh roots

Fresh roots are another main focus here. Carrots, beets, and hakurei turnips we grow lots of. Harvested right on time will give you the sweetest, most tender vegetables.

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