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Do you run a farm store, co-op, grocery store, restaurant, etc and would like to carry our products?


Order before noon on Friday for Monday delivery.

Chicken and duck are available throughout the year, although we do sell out of lots of cuts late winter/early spring as we only raise birds on pasture. Turkey and goose will only be available leading up to the holidays.


Our poultry products - chicken, duck, turkey, or goose. Wholes and parts for chicken and duck. Wholes only for goose. At certain times of the year we have veggies available in bulk - ginger, greens mixes, other bunched vegetables.


To fill your location with locally grown meats and veggies. We work hard to raise our animals humanely - on lush grass, in the bright sunshine. And grow the tastiest vegetables using regenerative practices to honor our land.


Locations in Maine! At this time we are limited to delivering within 1.5 hours from the farm in Knox. If you're outside of this reach, let us know. We may be able to accommodate.



Call 207.341.0439

Text 315.269.9572

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If interested in carrying our products, please shoot us a message!

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