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We no longer keep geese for breeding and are only raising for meat. Pictures are of the beautiful Cotton Patch and African breeders we have had in the past. We hatched goslings in the spring for meat in the fall. We'll now be getting Embden goslings in each spring! 

Our geese are raised similarly to our turkeys. In the brooder for the first few weeks of their lives and then out on pasture for the rest of the time. Starting in a chicken (goose!) tractor and then ranging as they get bigger and the poultry fencing isn't a danger to them anymore. They make great use of their forage, grazing constantly all day. They are supplemented with non-GMO grain.

We process the geese ourselves. Giblets come stuffed inside the goose and include heart, liver, and neck. We begin taking reservations in late August. Please contact us if interested in wholesale.

Goose Price

Whole . . . . . $11.50 / lb

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